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Harrison Medical Clinic

Harrison Medical Clinic

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Market: Healthcare
Location: Bainbridge Island, WA.


To provide efficient, close to home healthcare solutions for residents in Kitsap County and the Olympic Peninsula surrounding areas. In the last several years this non-profits ability to provide continued care and services to thousands of people throughout the community had become one that was in more demand than ever. The development of this new building would not only be well constructed, but be extremely efficient and functional for those who worked within its walls.


Air Systems Engineering provided pros and cons including operating costs, maintenance costs, life expectancy, and overall comfort deliverability on the available different HVAC systems. Ultimately, the decision to install a large 40 ton rooftop VAV (variable air volume) unit serving as the primary air and ventilation air for some 20 smaller indoor air handling VAV boxes serving individual zones was selected to service the facility.

A Closer Look

Pushing through to the very end to provide the customer with an end product to be proud of was always the main goal for this team. And they worked hard to get there. Now after several months of providing service for the community, this facility is fully and completely operational for all of its staff and medical providers and comfortable for all the users that enter the center for their needed care.