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Norpoint Efficiency Measures

Norpoint Efficiency Measures

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Market: Parks & Recreation
Location: Tacoma, WA.


This project included the installation of two (2) new highly energy efficient boilers, with a lower temperature loop to take advantage of the boiler‘s efficiency sweet spot, fifteen (15) new air-handler coils, and five (5) pumps and heat exchangers for the pools, hot tubs, domestic hot water, and space heating.


One element required by JCI was a modification to the existing pool’s natatorium air-to-air type dehumidification unit by adding a new air-to- water heat pump, which would be used to preheat make-up water for the swimming pool. ASEI saw that this constant energy source would be much more valuable as a heat source for the main system water loop.

A Closer Look

The design build process is our preferred method of delivery.  It allows us to adapt, consult quickly with our engineers during jobsite challenges, and creates opportunities for win-win situations during design, planning, and execution of the work.  This project utilized all of these features of design build process. The result is a satisfied customer, and a group of proud ASEI employees and team members.