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Pacific Lutheran University Swimming Pool HVAC

Pacific Lutheran University Swimming Pool HVAC

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Market: Higher Education
Location: Spanaway, WA.


At Pacific Lutheran University, the swimming facilities have always been one of the main amenities that students, staff and the public look forward to using the most. However, after a structural failure of the roof beams caused the pool to be closed for nine months, further investigation proved that the failing and aged building HVAC system was to blame. The high humidity was constantly fogging the glass. Spectators at the swim meets were very uncomfortable. Continued degradation of the building elements was eminent.


Install a 9000 cfm DX dehumidification unit into the mechanical room. This unit would have heat recovery features providing hot water to the pool, as well as custom features to ensure the proper code required amount of fresh air was delivered to the space.

A Closer Look

The design build process worked again to provide the customer with a high quality product.   Properly trained employees with safety goals, the right tools and planning allowed execution in a tight timeline. The end result can clearly be seen through the glass pool windows absent of any condensation.  The pool structure is protected from the destructive effects of uncontrolled humidity, and the users and spectators enjoy a comfortable environment.  The Pacific Lutheran University facilities department now has a new efficient system, and is properly trained to maintain and use this system for many years.