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PSNS 661 Instrument Lab Retrofit & Addition

PSNS 661 Instrument Lab Retrofit & Addition

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Market: Federal
Location: Bremerton, WA.


Working alongside Saybr Contractors, Air Systems Engineering was asked to assist in the construction of a new 5000 square foot instrument calibration lab at the Bremerton Naval Shipyard. This unique space was to be built into an existing tunnel into the side hill and is located 80’ below the street above.


Due to the small spaces. the high temperature and humidity tolerances required while calibrating sensitive instruments required the HVAC system to be specialized, and utilized VAV zone terminals, with SCR controlled electric heaters.  Central air handlers were fed chilled water, and also provided humidity control, all controlled by DDC controls.

A Closer Look

At the completion of phase #1, the new lab construction, ASEI enetered into a retrofit phase of the existing HVAC system within the original 9600 square feet of existing lab.