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TRUEBLUE Cooling Towers Replacement

TRUEBLUE Cooling Towers Replacement

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Market: Commercial
Location: Tacoma, WA.


Several challenges and opportunities existed for this project that was necessary to keep the heating and cooling systems reliable for this 184,000 SF office building.  A 12-story critical crane lift in December.  Street closure permits.  Custom steel supports that were custom fabricated within fractions of an inch in tolerance. Multiple semi-trucks to coordinate for the lifting of the replacement units, as well as disposal of old towers.  Water flow to the main building water loop needed to be connected to for new isolation valves, while not disabling water flow for more than 2 hours.  Preplanning was obvious and executed flawlessly by ASEI for this long term customer.


To increase efficiency and reliability were our marching orders.  New VFD driven towers with the latest cooling technology were selected.  Positive closure dampers hold the water loop heat during extreme cold.   ASEI’s engineers designed a new custom steel support and prefabricated many components for quick installation.  Preplanning paid off, with the system running quieter and more efficient than ever.

A Closer Look

This project highlights the full service that ASEI provides.  TrueBlue is a service customer for many years, and we have provided many HVAC upgrades since this building was retrofitted over 15 years ago. Our staff ranging from professional engineers, to sheet metal installers, to service technicians strives to satisfy the customer’s needs.  This project proved to us and our customer once again that Design-Build construction with the right contractor, the right employees and subcontractors, and a confident & well planned safety and installation plan, a challenging job and seems simple and quick.