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Building Automation

Building Automation

As a system integrator with AAM and Tridium products for over 21 years, our controls engineers analyze the demands on each facility, consider the most appropriate and latest technology, and work to design efficiency into every aspect of a system. 

Our focus is the comfort of each individual in a building.  Zoning takes into account factors ranging from computers in various parts of a building to the high solar heat loads that affect facilities in the Pacific Northwest.  Sophisticated systems allow for changes in use and occupancy over the course of each day.

These integrated solutions produce reliably comfortable environments while keeping energy costs to a minimum. Benefits of Buildings Automation & Controls:

Remote Monitoring
Internet access to building data and controls
Energy management
Easy to use “Point and click” user interfaces
Facilities management 
Temperature and humidity control
Process control
Laboratory and fume hood control
Integrated fire, security and life safety management